Vista Boot Logo Generator

Vista Boot Logo Generator Beta 1.2

Create your own Windows Vista logos

Windows Vista may have fixed many things lacking in XP but one thing it never really addressed was the boot logo. View full description


  • Allows you to change Vista's boot logo
  • Easy to use


  • Could affect registry adversely

Not bad

Windows Vista may have fixed many things lacking in XP but one thing it never really addressed was the boot logo.

With Vista Boot Logo Generator you can create and improve the resolution of the Windows Vista logo in a few simple clicks. Once you’ve selected the two images you want to use, you select "File -> “Save Boot Screen File As…” and it will generate the logo file. To ensure that the logo appears during the boot process, you have to copy it the System 32 folder "%windir%\System32\en-US". The developer also warns that if you want this change to work, you need to make sure that the "/NOGUIBOOT" option is enabled in the MSCONFIG tool otherwise you will end up with the old 16 colour boot screen. It's also important that you use a pair of 24-bit images, a resolution of 800x600 in one and 1024x768 in the other and both should be in bitmap format. This program addresses a serious failing in Vista but what makes me uncomfortable is that it inevitable involves meddling with Windows Vista's registry and if it doesn't work properly, you run this risk of not being able to boot your system. Probably the worst that will happen though is that your logo either does not appear or appears in a lower resolution

This program fills a much needed gap but you may have to experiment a while to get it going and be warned that you use it at your own risk


  • Bug fixes

Vista Boot Logo Generator is a tool that should simplify the process of creating the new high resolution boot logos.

Your works of art need to be saved as 24-bit BMPs, and you’ll need to create them in two sizes: 800×600 and 1024×768.

Vista Boot Logo Generator


Vista Boot Logo Generator Beta 1.2

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  • siverstein

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    it definitly doesnt work. im not exactly an expert, but i know enough to be able to edit permissions and take ownersh...   More.

  • siverstein

    by siverstein

    "dont work"

    doesnt work. i tried everything. changeing permissions. taking ownership of the entire system32/en-us folder, nothin....   More.

  • ronaldinhomac

    by ronaldinhomac

    "good idea, impossibly tricky to use."

    How do u turn picures into bitmap files?? this is a very confusing thing that occured to me during my usage of the pr...   More.